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Thursday, 9 August 2007

Chris Tarrant and Ingrid Get Nasty

Chris and Ingrid TarrantIt's always a shame when relationships break up but when nastiness and revenge follows no one really wins.

It seems that Chris Tarrant and ex wife Ingrid are tearing each other to bits with what they are saying about each other.

First Chris Tarrant said that Ingrid had imposed a seven year sex ban during their marriage.

Ingrid Tarrant was livid at this and said that Chris was a flop in bed. She went into detail: "The biggest reason our sex life slowed down in our last few years was Chris's erectile dysfunction. He has been taking Viagra for about four years to deal with it. But he loved to think he was a legend in his own trouser legs. He would literally jump into bed next to me reeking of carp, beam and pike. I would beg him to at least wash the dried fish blood from his hands."

The reference to the fish was because of Chris's love for angling.

A spokesman for Chris would no respond to what Ingrid has said. He said Chris is only interested in protecting the couple's children - Samantha 18 and Toby 15.

Call it a day guys!

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