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Monday, 13 August 2007

Celebrity Chat

Chanelle Hayes

Chanelle HayesChanelle Hayes, who walked out of the Big brother house, is reported to have passed over the opportunity to become a housemate again. She has told the programme makers that she will be flying out to LA instead so she can 'meet' Victoria Beckham' who she is obsessed with. Chanelle Hayes plans to go to David Beckham's next soccer match which Victoria will also be attending. It's not quite a meeting though, Chanelle.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is to be in the new Star Trek movie. It is said that he will play the original starship Enterprise captain Pike. Tom is taking the cameo part as a favour to JJ Abrahams who directed him in Mission Impossible 3.

Karry Katona

Karry Katona, ex Atomic Kitten, is said to have cheated on her husband with a drug dealer. Leighton Ogden claims he supplied Kerry Katona with drugs. He told the Daily Star, "Although Kerry used to come round to take drugs we only had sex once. And Kerry didn't feel guilty she just wanted to have fun and so did I. We started off kissing and soon Kerry was completely naked and we were having full sex." Despite this Kerry and her husband Mark Croft and said to be going to renew their marriage vows. Let's hope they both stick to them this time.

Sophie Ellis Bextor

Sophie Ellis Bextor has told Bruno Tonioli to shut his gob! he told her she couldn't dance. Sophie said, "It's out of order. I got into my first band after being spotted dancing in a club. Would that have happened if I couldn't dance?"