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Monday, 23 July 2007

Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan

Jeremy Blake Theresa Duncan 2005Police have been searching the sea around Rockaway Beach for Jeremy Blake an American painter and video artist.

It is believed Jeremy Blake went into the ocean, to take his own life, a week after his girlfriend, Theresa Duncan, committed suicide in their apartment.

Theresa Duncan commited suicide with a pill overdose on July 10th. Jeremy left a note saying how distraught he was over her death and that he couldn't imagine living without her by his side.

The couple had been together for about 12 years and were well known within the art world.

The following is taken from, Wilkedpedia about Jeremy Blake.

'The highlights of his career include being selected for three simultaneous inclusions in the prestigious American art showcase Whitney Biennial for 2000, 2002 and 2004. His "Winchester" series was shown at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2005.
Blake also created the painted abstract hallucination scenes in the 2002
Paul Thomas Anderson film Punch Drunk Love, and contributed artwork and video for Beck's album Sea Change.'