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Sunday, 22 July 2007

El Jueves Banned Cartoon of Prince Filipe

el jueves Prince Filipe cartoon You've got to laugh! If not at the cartoon at least with Spanish censorship.

A Spanish judge has ruled that an issue of the satirical magazine el jueves should in effect be banned.

Why was "el jueves' banished from the shelves? All because of the cartoon on their front page - as shown on the right. It seems you mustn't make fun of royalty in Spain. The cartoon shows Prince Felipe having sex with his wife.

As there is a government plan to hand out 2500 euros to new parents Prince Felipe, in the cartoon, says, "Just imagine if you end up pregnant. This will be the closest thing to work I’ve ever done in my life."

Spanish law states that you mustn't insult their Royal Family. If you do you could end up in clink for two years. You wouldn't think there could be such censorship in this day and age - well at least in western Europe.

The funniest thing is, however, that because they banned the cartoon from el jueves, which only has a readership of 80,000, it will instead be seen by millions, as it is hot news on the Internet.

You've got to laugh!

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