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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Anastasia Rodionova Disqualified From Tennis Tournament

Anastasia RodionovaAnastasia Rodionova was last night disqualified from the Cincinnati Women's Open tennis tournament.

She was disqualified for hitting a ball at fans in the crowd who were rooting for her opponent Angelique Kerber. Earlier in the game Anastasia Rodionova had complained about the crowd applauding Angelique during points. The official reason for her dismissal was 'unsportsmanlike conduct'.

Afterwards Rodionova said, "I'm shocked. I still don't understand why they defaulted me. I'm really upset. I've never seen in my life anyone defaulted in this situation. I had no warning. I didn't hit the ball at anybody. I didn't swear at anybody. I didn't throw my racket."

Anastasia Rodionova, born May 12th, 1982. is from Tambov in Russia. Her career prize money totals over $635,000.

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