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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Charley Uchea The £1000 A Night LapDancer

Charley UcheaCharley Uchea, recently dumped out of the UK Big Brother house, has been telling the story about how she used to earn £1000 ($2000) per night as a lap dancer. Charley Uchea boasts, "We'd dance for MP's, judges and dirty old men. I could earn £1000 a night there - I only used to do one stint a week as the money was so good."

So why did she leave? "I knew I was a fit, sexy girl and the punters loved me but the work was too seedy." You have to smile, wasn't she actually sacked by Peter Stringfellow? Let's hope she declared all of that money to the tax man.

Charley Uchea also said that she had to keep her lap dancing secret from her family because she knew they 'would go nuts if they found out.' There must be a few nuts in her family now then.

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