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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson Is In The Money!

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is in the money through her business acumen.

With two friends she set up a party-organising company called Three's A Crowd from a Chelsea flat last year. Incredibly the company is about to float on a stock exchange for £2 million ($4 million). The sale will be on the Plus Market, which is for fledgling enterprises.

Last year Tara Palmer-Tomkinson had to have her nose rebuilt because of cocaine abuse. She now says, "I'm not a party girl any more. I would never be able to take drugs again after my surgery. I wish I'd had my nose done years ago. I now feel a lot more grown up."

Tara also has a new book released The Naughty Girl's Guide To Life.

Synopsis of Book:
Want to know the best way to get over being dumped? Do you need to pull a sickie? Do you want to pull a pop star? Or is your flatmate driving you mad having constant sex with her boyfriend? Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Sharon Marshall have had their fair share of life's little grenades. Now they've learned how to throw them back. To live the good life, it helps to be bad sometimes. So this is their take on how to be naughty. Want to spot a love rat? Hitchhike? (onto a private jet?) Convince that man you've got the perfect body? It's all here in The Naughty Girl's Guide to Life. You'll never want to be well behaved again.