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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Sexy Fliers And Their Sexy Photos

Kyla EbbertSeems you have to be very careful what you wear on an American airline - if you are a woman that is. You mustn't be a sexy flier!

It started with a girl called Kyla Ebbert. She's an attractive 23 year old.

Kyla said that she was only 'allowed to stay on the flight only after she agreed to pull up her tank top and pull down her skirt.' Erm, by pull down her skirt she means the bottom hem only.

In her 'outrage', she went on the Today program to show what she was wearing. That's her photo on the right.

The story goes ...

Flight attendant says, "I'm sorry, but you're going to have to catch a later flight because you are dressed inappropriately. This is a family airline, and you are too provocative to fly on this flight."

Kyla Ebbert replied, "What part is it? The shirt? the skirt? Which part?"

He said, "The whole thing."

Now another attractive girl, Setara Qassim, has come up with a similar story.

There she was travelling from Las Vegas to Burbank and the flight attendant gave her a blanket to cover herself up with! And to show how Setara Qassim looked, with and without the blanket, we have the photos.

Setara Qassim with cleavageSetara Qassim covered with blanketGuess it's a difficult line to decide what is offensive and what isn't but it does all seem to be a fuss about nothing.

Perhaps the airline could provide overalls for all fliers so everyone looks the same ...

Or there again maybe the girls just wanted their 15 minutes of fame and to be on the Internet and television.

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