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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Nan Goldin's Photo Siezed By British Police

Nan Goldin photographerThe controversial American photographer, Nan Goldin, has had a photo seized by police which was on display at a British Gallery in Gateshead.

The photo was actually owned by Elton John and was titled 'Klara and Edda Belly-Dancing'. It is said to feature two young girls. The photo was part of over 140 images from Goldin's 'Thanksgiving' exhibition.

A Northumbria police spokesperson confirmed that an image of a child was removed from the exhibition and said it was being looked over by prosecutors 'to assess whether or not an offense had been committed.'

Elton John originally purchased the collection, which has previously been on display at major cities throughout the world, in 1999.

Photos by Nan Goldin are often sexually orientated and have previously drawn police attention. She was born in 1953 and divides her time between London, Paris and New York.