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Monday, 29 October 2007

Who Is The Royal On The Sex Tapes?

Okay, more on the Royal sex tape scandal.

The two men, who were arrested, are being represented by the lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano and he has released a little info. First he said, "I wish to state that there is no tape of a sex act in existence. What there is in existence are tapes, both audio and visual of an assistant to a member of the royal family boasting of how he received a sex act from this royal family member - whether that act took place I do not know."

So not quite as it all first seemed.

The two men arrested are Ian Strachan, 30, and Sean McGuigan, 40. Strachan is alleged to have claimed that he has links to the royals and has met Prince William and Prince Harry as well as Lord Frederick Windsor and Zara Phillips.

The name of the royal, mentioned on the tapes, is known by the British media but there is a gagging order preventing this being disclosed. So, being in the UK, we have to be careful as to what we write on this blog - unfortunately.

What we can say is that the royal family member is a minor one. This is pretty obvious as the blackmail attempt was 'only' for £50,000 (about $100,000). If this had been, say, one of the Princes the price would have been sky high.

I'm sure some non UK website, forum or blogger will soon reveal the name of the royal member dragged into this scandal.

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