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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

The Name Of The Royal Invoved In The Scandal

That scandal about the British Royal Family, mentioned yesterday, do you now know who the royal person involved is?

I think most people do know but unfortunately I can't tell you here, because of that gagging order. I can though recommend the Radar web site for all sorts of interesting articles.

The story is that two men, Ian Strachen and Sean McGuigan, threatened to release a video which they claimed indicated that a royal individual had engaged in a sex act with an aide. The video is also said to show scenes of cocaine abuse.

Strachen, who has been described as bisexual posts his details on a gay website lives in a £700 a week apartment near Chelsea Harbour in London. He originates from Aberdeen, Scotland. He is known as a party goer and claims to know Princes William and Harry.

I should think that Prince Harry, forever in the tabloids because of his drinking, should keep a low profile until this whole matter blows over. (The royal isn't either Harry or William but is much further down the pile, though still technically in line for the British throne). Sometimes the royals just ask for trouble - but get protected, usually.