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Sunday, 28 October 2007

Royal Family Sex Tape

Of course the full details have been hushed up, but two men have been arrested in London for attempting to blackmail a 'member of the Royal Family' with a sex tape.

This alleged royal sex tape is said to show a member of the British Royal Family being sexually pleasured by a member of staff.

The two men arrested are reported to have demanded £50,000 (about $100,000) not to publicise the video. It is also claimed that drugs were being used on the video.

Scotland Yard detectives set a trap for the men in an undercover operation. The men thought they were showing the video tape to Palace staff but in fact they were members of the police blackmail unit.

Buckingham Palace would not comment on the matter but police confirmed two men aged 30 and 40 have appeared before magistrates accused of blackmail and have been remanded in custody. They will appear in court during December.

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