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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Lorna Catherine Harrow-Hodginson Does Naughty Things

Such goings on in New Zealand!

It seems that a girl with the wonderful name of Lorna Catherine Harrow-Hodginson indulged, if that is the right word, in a 45 minute group sex session.

'So what?' you might think. Problem was this all took place on the verandah of the Occidental Hotel in Christchurch and it was all on view to - well, whoever wanted to watch.

So Lorna Catherine Harrow-Hodginson has pleaded guilty to carrying out an indecent act. Oh and also being in possession of cannabis.

Judge Jane Farish has decided that Lorna Catherine etc. mustn't go to Latimer Square. Must admit that, being a long way from NZ, this doesn't mean a lot to me but there will be a probation report on Devember 17th.

Hang on a minute. Group sex? How come there is no mention of the other people (men?) involved in the incident? Or perhaps they weren't on view ...

Most odd! Surely there isn't one set of rules for the girls and another for the men.

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